Skeleton Snowman

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This is something that I made just before Christmas this year for my brother. 🙂

I used a super easy Crochet Pattern from the Creepy and cute book and just changed it slightly. Only took me about an hour to make.


Rainbow Cake

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So this is something I decided I would try a while back. It turned out really well so I decided that I should Post a “how to” for those of you who enjoy putting Rainbows in their mouths. Its really quite simple.

You need:

Food Coloring (red, blue, yellow,Green)

Vanilla Cake Mix (Can be any flavor as long as it is white/light)

First off you want to mix the Cake according to the Box’s Directions. You can also make a Cake from scratch if your up to it, but I have been far too lazy for that kinda thing.  I usually use Betty Crocker Cake mix or Duncan Hines.

Next you want to separate the batter into 4 bowls. Add food coloring to each one until you have the brightness you want. Here is what my batter ended up looking like. (Don’t forget to Preheat the Oven!)

Next you want to slowly pour it into a greased Glass Baking pan. You will want to do it in parts. Pick one of the colors and pour about 1/3rd or half while moving it in a crazy pattern, do the same with the next color and keep cycling through the colors until you have all the Batter in the Pan.

Bake according to the Box’s instructions.

I forgot to take a picture of the cake after it came out of the oven, but it will look pretty discolored and gross on the outside, so you may want to add icing or fondant to the cake to cover the outside of the cake. That way, when someone cuts into it they are more surprised!

And here is the result 🙂

Now its your turn!

Bake, Eat Rainbows, Be happy!

Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire)

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After Playing around, I have finally found a site that does almost everything that I want it to, so here we go.

Im dedicating this blog to crafts and anything else awesome that I make. So It will be my  “Creations Blog” rather than a “Craft Blog”. Ill be most likely including everything from drawing, sculptures to things like.. yarn and possibly some really awesome Recipes. Ive been working on so many projects and hopefully this will give me some motivation to finish some of them.

Anywho.. Keep checking back, I will be uploading some of my past works and creations as soon as I get some pictures! 🙂

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