Mini Update.

November 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Christmas is only a month away so Evan and I put up our tree last night! Last year Evan’s Grandma gave us an antique tree topper, and so this is the first year we have put it on the tree! This is also the first Christmas I have been exited about in 6 years or so. I’m really exited to give gifts this year as well since I have some really fun ideas 🙂

I also Wanted to show off my Gecko eggs! I’m really exited for them to hatch! December 2nd will be 65 days. It’s my first batch and  I can’t wait to see what morph they are! I took a picture of both the new egg and the ones ready to hatch soon to show how much they grow over the 2 months!!  The green dots on the larger ones is a marking done by me with a non-toxic marker to show the top. With these eggs you need to mark them to make sure they stay the same direction as when they were laid. The 2nd clutch was laid just outside of her “lay box” so when I found them, one had folded in on itself and the other had a dent. The one was a dud, but I’m crossing my fingers that the dented one (the dent is on the bottom of the egg) will still survive. Its happened before, its just not very common. When I candle it, I will be able to tell what the chances of it surviving are. Hopefully it will survive! Anyway, I hope you like the photos and as always, click to enlarge!


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