Halloween 2010

November 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ive been slacking in my updates lately and I apologize. Things have been a little crazy lately and Ive been putting off a lot of stuff. Forgive me.

So here is Evan and I’s Halloween Get up. This Picture was taken after we had gotten home from a long day/night at the Wedding. We also didnt end up getting ANY pictures of us at the wedding itself which Im pretty dissapointed about. But without anymore delay, Heres the photos!

Edit: I found this Photo from the wedding of Evan and the Groom. Its fantastic!

So for our outfits, I picked up a Lab coat from a halloween store, pulled out the fake blood and Had a lot of fun splattering it!  I think it turned out looking very impressive and Still has the “fresh blood” look to it! Im very happy how the blood effect turned out this year! Much, MUCH better than last years!

For the appliance on my chest, I had made it earlier in the month with liquid latex. I will Have to get a close up picture of it to really show off how gross it really looked!

The Slice effect on Evans head was a lot of fun, (other than the stress of trying to get it right on the actual day). I used Scar and nose wax, some latex and of course blood! I didnt end up getting a close up of that sadly. We got a lot of Compliments on the whole thing, and Im really happy with how it turned out!! Now I cant wait for Next halloween!!! Ohhhhh, the things that are swirling in my brain!

So, with that out of the way, I have been working hard on some cross stitch which I will be finishing up soon and posting! Keep checking back for some more fun stuff!!


Halloween: In-Progress

October 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

Just working on some of the fun stuff for Evan and I’s Costumes!  I’m pretty exited at how its turned out so far!  Ive put a lot of thought at testing into this whole process. Heres a sneak peak at some Blooooodddddddy fun


I’ll Have some more pictures after Halloween 🙂

Special Effects Attempts

October 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

I did these about 2 years ago.  I used Chewing Gum, Fake Blood and Other makeup items I had around.

The  first did NOT photograph well at all, since the Make-up I had was Shimmery. But this is the first attempt.

The Color has been edited to try to repair some of the glare and whatnot.

And the Second Attempt was much better. Using the same  items to create the look, but this time with no shimmery Make-up.

Im pretty happy with them being they were first attempts. I have been working on some stuff for Halloween and will post some of the effects I have done.

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