First off, I thought I should introduce all of my wonderful “non-human” family. (in no particular order)

Here is Sir HerpsAlot and Frankferd when I first got them which was 2 years ago in September.

HerpsAlot is a Female Red Eared Slider, and Frankferd is a Male Yellow Bellied Cooter.

And heres a picture of them just about a year after I got them.

I will add a recent picture at another point. I have to take some more pictures 🙂

Here is my Little Turtle Pickles. He is a northern Diamondback Terrapin.

Here he is when we got him with a cigarette as a size comparison. He has already grown Soooooo much!

Next is Geckos, These are my male and Female Crested Geckos. The male is about a year and a half, and the female is about a year old. I hope to get lots of little babies from them 🙂

Meet The Gent

And Potato, This picture is mainly to show off her coloring, I dont have a clear one of her adorable face yet.

This is my Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko. Ive named him Uncle Ruckus 🙂

Next we have the Furry Friends.

This is my Badass mouse Rasputin. Hes such a sweetheart! Loves attention and little snacks, and he even knows his name! (R.I.P)

And Lastly my little Trouble makers. Here is Olive my first ferret. She’s almost a year old now.

And here is Her boyfriend Flea Bag.

And because It would be wrong not to mention the ones who have crossed over.

Sqwizgaar the Pygmy Chameleon-RIP

Paulina + Lester the Molester

Shirley the Crested Gecko

Ludwig The Baby Sulcata Tortoise

And on a happier note,Here are the ones that have moved on to new homes. (Rescue and Re-home)

This Was Mr. GrumpyPants Herman. Hes a Adult male Red Eared Slider. When I picked him up his shell was BADLY peeling and and he was very scared. i also found a couple spots of shell rot. I took him home and he lived in my bathtub for a few months. I got his Shell to a much healthier state and free from Shell rot. He has since found a wonderful home with some nice people and is healthy as can be 🙂

Here is The Golden Gecko that I got from a girl who didnt take very good care of him. when I got him, his tank smelled horrible and he had absolutly nothing in his cage other than one hiding spot. She had mentioned that he never really came out of his hide, and I wasnt surprised. I cleaned out his tank and added lots of plants and stuff to climb on. After only a day he was out and about climbing on absolutly everything. He recently went to a new home with some other Gecko Buddies and a woman who knows a lot about them!

And Lastly Bella The Ferret. Shes about 3.5 years old. I originally got her as a friend for Olive, but they do not get along. Bella came from a family with 2 young kids that were very rough with her and because of that she is a bit more skiddish and has a tendency to bite very hard. She is beautiful and sweet, just very scared. When she was dropped off with me, she was VERYYYY skinny. She was litterally skin and bones, and since has gained weight and looks much healthier. She is getting a little better with nipping, but still has her moments. I have found her a great home with a fellow who had taught her tricks and I talk to regularly.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the pictures 🙂 I will try my best to keep everything up to date, as well as adding new pictures.


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